Free Intro Session

We offer one free intro session to anyone interested in learning about CrossFit. You will participate in one of our group classes at our Open House Saturdays (9am or 10am) or during the week if your schedule does not permit (please indicate on the contact form). Our coaches will guide you and scale the workout for you accordingly. Most of all have fun!

Fundamentals Course

$40 per session or $120 for 4 sessions

The Fundamentals Course is a series of private training sessions which will get your ready to succeed in the group training.

During the Fundamentals Course we want you to learn why we do what we do, so you will learn about the CrossFit method. We will talk about your goals, your experience in fitness, exercise, and sport, your injuries and limitations, and assess your mobility/flexibility. We answer any questions you have.

Our Fundamentals Course typically consists of 4 1-hour sessions. The sessions are by appointment. Each session will introduce new movements and review movements from previous sessions. Each session will have a workout, stretching, and cool down.

CrossFit Group Classes

Special Limited Time Offer: $99/month for the first 3 months for Unlimited Recurring Membership

Once you have demonstrated competency in the fundamental movements and you have met our graduate benchmarks, you then may move on to our group classes.

You will undoubtably find your self doing things you never thought possible. You will also find yourself with a new social and support network around you. The CrossFit Marietta family will help encourage and support you on your journey to better health and happiness.



We are excited to announce that we will be offering a new class called Flexfit! This class will be changing gears from high intensity metcons and focus towards building quality lean muscle by using simplified movements to focus on key musculature. In Flexfit we’ll shift to more control and quality with our movements opposed to strength and capacity, but don’t worry, you’ll still get stronger.


Unlimited Monthly Recurring

(Recurring payment, 30 day notice for cancellation):



Unlimited Monthly Student/Teacher/Fire/Police

(Month to month, cancel anytime. No cancellation fees):



Unlimited Monthly Student/Teacher/Fire/Police Recurring

(recurring payment, 30 day notice for cancellation):



All Unlimited packages listed above can be purchased

at 6-month and annual terms at a DISCOUNTED RATE.


10-class punch card

(expires 60 days after purchase):



Drop-In: $20 cash or purchase a T-shirt for $30

Contact us for more details.

Community Feel and Connection

Naturally, the group atmosphere allows for interaction with fellow members, daily. This interaction typically blossoms into friendships based on accountability and encouragement. This behavior is what makes CrossFit Marietta great. Your fellow group class participant can be your greatest critic and your most enthusiastic supporter and cheerleader. They will most likely push you beyond the threshold needed to reach your goals, as their path is similar to yours. Never again will you be alone in your journey to greater health and fitness once you step into our box.

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